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Transform your workflow for earnings events with a real-time, intuitive dashboard to help you save time and alpha with improved bogey accuracy and timeliness.

Why Buyside Bogey

Navigate the Earnings Season with Confidence

No more last-minute email surveys and analyst calls. We bring together all the critical information you need in one intuitive dashboard. With real-time estimates, performance tracking, and rewards for accuracy, you'll always have a pulse on buyside sentiment.

buyside bogey dashboard

Accurate, Timely, and Buyside-friendly

Real-Time Estimates
View estimates in real-time and filter EPS expectations by submission date - don't worry about stale bogeys or rushing for last-minute expectations changes.
Fully Anonymized & Unbiased
Share and view estimates with complete data privacy - no intermediaries, no bias.
Contributor Transparency
Filter EPS expectations based on investor profiles - multi-manager vs single-manager, industry verticals, and analysts vs PMs.
Minimizing Gamesmanship
After multiple quarters of estimate submissions, filter out bogeys from submitters who were way off the mark in prior periods.
Tracking Performance
Keep track of your bogeys and market bogeys vs actual results. Weave bogeys into your models to never miss an update and make your process as seamless as possible.
Clean, Consistent Alerts
Receive daily or weekly emails on bogey updates across your coverage and never be caught off guard. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates and more.
Get Rewarded for Accuracy
Compete for cash prizes based on bogey accuracy and treat yourself, on us.
Refer to Earn
Refer your friends and colleagues to earn referral bonuses when they sign up start submitting bogeys.
One Source of Truth
Don't be confused by mixed or contradictory bogeys from analysts - refer to Buyside Bogey for the most comprehensive and transparent expectations.

Frequently asked questions

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